Death Grips return with the glitchy “Streaky”

Warped electronic beats and surprisingly slack-jawed verses underpin the hip hop act’s latest single.

Death Grips are arguably one of the most left-of-field hip hop acts today, bringing in punk rock, dance music and industrial into the mix. And they’ve cemented that reputation with the release of a new trippy single, “Streaky,” off their forthcoming album Year of the Snitch.

“Streaky” is an eccentric, beat-driven tune that swaps fashionable trap sounds for off-kilter IDM and glitchtronica. The heavy-handed aggression of Death Grips’ earlier work is also nowhere to be found—MC Ride’s typically visceral verses are almost understated here.

Year of the Snitch is Death Grips’ sixth album, and sees the band collaborate with folks outside of the rap game—like Andrew Adamson, the director of Shrek, for instance. No word on its release date yet, but here’s a first taste of the record:


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