Deante’ Hitchcock taps JID for “I Got Money Now”

From Hitchcock’s forthcoming album, ‘Better.’

Deante’ Hitchcock has recruited Dreamville rapper JID for “I Got Money Now,” a preview of his upcoming album, Better.

On the fun track, the rappers are backed by a choir, whose overly-cheery harmonies are contrasted with Hitchcock’s in-your-face chorus of “I got money now, bitch!” The song was produced by Brandon Phillips-Taylor.

Throughout the song, Hitchcock reflects back on being broke and looks ahead to his prosperous future. “I ain’t had no money, my n***as was hungry / My pockets was empty like Chick-Fil-A, Sunday / My future was pretty, my past was ugly / But now I’m back in my bag, li’l baddie,” he spits.


JID jumps on near the end with a rapid-fire verse which references the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Revenant: “’Member we stayed in an apartment / The house was provided by government / And my cousin he slept on the couch / With the oven open, bitch he felt like The Revenant.”

“I Got Money Now” will appear on Hitchcock’s forthcoming album, Better. The LP is the rapper’s first full-length project since 2016’s Good. On the other hand, JID previously teamed up with fellow Dreamville rappers J Cole and Bas for “Down Bad.”

Listen to “I Got Money Now” below:


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