Deante’ Hitchcock freestyles over OutKast’s “Roses”

The latest from his ‘New Atlanta Tuesdays’ series.

Deante’ Hitchcock has released his take on OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below cut, “Roses.”

On the two-minute freestyle, Hitchcock addresses feeling “underrated” in the rap game. In the accompanying video, the rapper plays a homeless beggar who asks for recognition while collecting the little change he can and holding a signboard that reads, “while I’m still here”.

“How could I relate to n***as that’s thinkin‘ I’m underrated / When my momma think I made it up off of these songs / How could I mistake a n***a that’s sayin’ I’m underrated wit hate / Like they ain’t been playin’ my shit all along,” he spits.


The “Roses” freestyle is the latest in Hitchcock’s New Atlanta Tuesdays, following a remix of Drake’s “What’s Next” and a freestyle called “Let the Beat Build.” Earlier this year, he dropped a live album called Live From Quarantine.

Watch the video for “Roses” below:

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