Dave East, Jay Electronica link up for “No Hoodie (Nothin’ to Lose)”

Also featuring Mass Appeal signee 070 Phi.

Dave East, 070 Phi and the elusive Jay Electronica have collaborated on “No Hoodie (Nothin’ to Lose),” a new song in partnership with non-profit organization Hoodies for the Homeless.

On the somber track, the rappers highlight the homelessness epidemic across the United States and the challenges the homeless face in society. “Surrounded by these snakes and cobras / Constantly, I’m gettin’ high, ’cause this life is too harsh to face it sober / One nation, under God, allegedly indivisible / Welcome to the American dream, where the homeless live invisible,” Electronica spits.

Later in the track, East and 070 Phi link up for the hard-hitting chorus: “Ain’t got no hoodie on / Nothin’ to eat, only dope on the stove that I’m cookin’ on / Might take a life if you lookin’ wrong / I’m feelin’ cold, yeah, ain’t got no home, yeah.”

“No Hoodie (Nothin’ to Lose)” is the latest release to feature the enigmatic Electronica, who previously contributed to “Twisted Dreams” by Korean-American rapper Jay Park. Earlier this year, Electronica teased new music with Jay-Z. Dave East also recently dropped his debut album, Survival.


Listen to “No Hoodie (Nothin’ to Lose)” below:


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