Danny Brown jumps on Petite Noir’s new song, “Beach”

Taken from the upcoming release, 'La Maison Noir / the Black House.’

Petite Noir—real name Yannick Ilunga—has released an ominous new track, “Beach,” that features Danny Brown and Nukubi Nukubi.

Taken from La Maison Noir / the Black House, an upcoming ‘mini-album,’ the new track is a stellar sample of ‘noirwave,’ the genre the London-based South African artist coined to encapsulate his varied sonic explorations.

“Is this all a dream, or is it all in my head?” he wonders in the first verse. “My Xanax put me to bed / It’s like Inception, I swear / But we have nothing to fear / This is the final dance.”


Fans of Brown might remember Ilunga’s turn on “Rolling Stone” from 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition. And here, the Detroit rapper returns the favor with a verse that adds some welcome bite and propulsion to this grand, foreboding track.

La Maison Noir / the Black House is out October 5. Listen to “Beach” below:

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