DaBaby admits throwing fake weed at Rolling Loud crowd

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Everyone knows DaBaby loves his antics. Last year, the North Carolina rapper went viral for wearing an adult diaper to SXSW as part of a “genius marketing scheme.” This time, he sent the internet reeling once again after throwing bags of “weed” into the crowd during his Rolling Loud performance on Friday.

But to some fans’ disappointment, the sacks of “marijuana” turned out to be fake. “Da baby green he capped that shit was grass,” a fan posted on social media, which led to some outrage. In response, the rapper took to Instagram on Monday to confirm that the weed was indeed fake, claiming it was just a stunt in reference to his song “Blank Blank.”


“Got yo MF ass ☝?& all of them bitches was Fake Weed when he open em up he gone HATE ME,” Baby wrote. “Now tell all these other blogs quit saying the shit was real before they fuck around get me indicted?.”

Considering the alarming legal incidents surrounding 2019’s Rolling Loud, from rapper-involved shootings to Kodak Black’s arrest, DaBaby’s little stunt definitely falls on the more harmless side of things.

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