D Smoke’s “Sade” pays homage to the British soul singer

He also released a remix of “Gaspar Yanga.”

D Smoke has released a brand-new song named after the British singer-songwriter, Sade Adu, vocalist of the band Sade.

On “Sade,” the Inglewood rapper deals with a complicated relationship that has left him heartbroken. “Wish faith would have it otherwise / You stole my heart, is it a crime? / I still listen to all your shit / But it’s never good as the first time,” he rap-sings over a soulful beat courtesy of Donovan Knight.

The song dropped alongside a remix of “Gaspar Yanga” featuring Snoop Dogg, from his 2020 debut album Black Habits. On the new opening, D Smoke fiercely denies rumors that he’s sold out.


“Who kiss up to the establishment, haven’t you seen they ego? Like me, no / I used to do this shit ’cause I loved it, busted for free though / I still do this shit for the love, but add another zero / A hero, in my city I’m Diddy mixed with Rico, strong, I throw this dick at my lady like it’s a free throw,” he spits.

The pair of songs were released as a two-track special for Spotify Singles’ new series featuring this year’s Grammy nominees. Others who have also released songs for the streaming platform include CHIKA and Phoebe Bridgers. Noah Cyrus and Ingrid Andress will also contribute to the series in the coming days.

D Smoke is nominated for two awards on Sunday: Best New Artist and Best Rap Album for Black Habits.


Stream “Sade” and the “Gaspar Yangar” remix below:

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