Cypress Hill’s ‘Elephants on Acid’ has arrived

The follow-up to 2010’s ‘Rise Up.’

It’s been eight years since Cypress Hill put out any new material—but the wait’s finally over as they’ve returned with their ninth studio album, Elephants on Acid.

Featuring 21 songs, the record is 51 minutes of pure stoner hip hop goodness, something OG fans of the Cali outfit will definitely appreciate. It kicks off with “Tusko,” a hazy instrumental that heavily features the sitar—and that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of Elephants on Acid. Other 4/20-friendly songs on the list include “Crazy,” “Jesus was a Stoner,” and the hard-hitting “Put Em in the Ground.”

Don’t try to look for logical answers in this record,” DJ Muggs recently told Hypebeast. “Everything’s really abstract and surreal. All the ideas came from [a dream]. I had a dream of all these different elephants with guns, walking through the desert, and when I made the music, it’s like some psycho, circus shit… The record has zero to do with anything going on in contemporary music; we created our own surreal world.”


Well, we couldn’t agree more. Go on a trip with Elephants on Acid below:

And while you enjoy the new record, revisit the hallmarks of Cypress Hill’s career.

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