CupcakKe spices up Lil Nas X’s hit with “Old Town Hoe”

“Old Town Road” gets a raunchy remix.

CupcakKe has put her signature raunchy spin on Lil Nas X’s viral trap country hit “Old Town Road,” turning it into the salacious “Old Town Hoe.”

The Chicago rapper’s remix includes all the reverse cowgirl puns you could hope for, as well as nods to Rico Nasty and Rosa Parks. She even slipped in a timely reference to Nicki Minaj’s guest appearance at Ariana Grande’s recent Coachella set, which was marred by technical difficulties: “Turnin’ his mic off like Nicki at Coachella, facts (love you Nicki!)”

Check out CupcakKe’s freaky remix below and see if you prefer it to the original or the version featuring Billy Ray Cyrus:


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