CupcakKe shares video for “Grilling N***as” and “Lawd Jesus”

You don’t wanna mess with Elizabeth Harris.

CupcakKe has unleashed an eye-popping double video for her latest singles, “Grilling N***as” and “Lawd Jesus.”

Produced by Fantom XXX and shot by Logan Fields, the feisty visual kicks off with the menacing “Grilling N***as” as CupcakKe drags a dead body through her mansion. She then heads to the kitchen and begins slicing up raw meat—presumably of the dead man’s—before tossing them onto the barbecue grill. “Snatched a couple n***as chains in the past, they’ll never come around twice / But if they do, like a cold juice, n***as know to keep it light on the ice,” she spits.

The clip later transitions to “Lawd Jesus,” featuring CupcakKe in a gorgeous bejeweled headgear. “Bitch I’m eating good, double chin, black card match her skin,” she raps over the bass-heavy beat. “Fuck all my old friends, I’m not tryna make amends (Lawd, Jesus).”


The rapper born Elizabeth Harris released “Grilling N***as” in September 2019, shortly before she announced that she was quitting music. CupcakKe, however, returned in February this year with “Lawd Jesus” after she revealed she no longer plans to retire.

Watch her latest video below:

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