CupcakKe shares her take on Pooh Shiesty’s “Back in Blood”

“I bet Pooh Shiesty in the crib right now like ‘Who the fuck is this?’”

CupcakKe has released her take on Pooh Shiesty’s hit 2020 single, “Back in Blood” with Lil Durk.

The Chicago rapper flexes her wordplay on the remix in one swaggering, rapid-fire verse that boasts lines like “Gave him six feet like it’s COVID” and “My bank account look like a lot of donuts while you bitches can’t afford an apple pie.”

CupcakKe also references the song’s original artists: “I bet Pooh Shiesty in the crib right now like ‘Who the fuck is this?’ / Who the fuck is you? / The beat so sticky I’m taking your shit / I done turned Pooh Shiesty to Winnie the Pooh / Yeah, that’s how shiesty a bad bitch get / I’ll get on your beat and I’m taking your shit / Naw, I’m just playing, man / Shout out to bro and shout out to Durk man, you n***as lit.”


CupcakKe is the latest rapper to drop her own rework of the Billboard Hot 100 hit, following Peso Peso and Asian Doll. Last year, the rapper also dropped her rendition of 50 Cent’s debut single, “How to Rob,” as well as the original tracks “Elephant” and “Discounts.”

Listen to “Back in Blood (Remix)” below:

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