CupcakKe means business on fierce new song, “Grilling N***as”

She references Lizzo, Dora the Explorer and more.

CupcakKe is back with a new single titled “Grilling N***as,” and—as the name suggests—she means business.

The Chicago rapper takes no prisoners on the fierce track, where she tears down competitors and “thirsty” men with savage wordplay. “N***as so thirsty, fuck me if I told ’em to, they’d probably drink Flint water / But they can’t afford her, I’m up in Georgia, next week Florida, cross the border / Then Aurora, such an explorer, I done been everywhere up on the map like Dora,” she raps.

CupcakKe also drops several pop culture references, name-dropping Lizzo and animated character Shrek: “They tryna see if I’m blacker than thread / but I’m covered in green, they like ‘Look it’s Shrek’ / Bankteller sayin’ my shit froze / Pockets thick as hell like Lizzo.”


“Grilling N***as” is the latest loosie from CupcakKe, following “Whoregasm,” “Ayesha” and “Bird Box,” among others. Her most recent full-length project, Eden, arrived last year.

Stream “Grilling N***as” here:

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