CupcakKe drops “Squidward Nose” MV

Safe to say, it’s NSFW.

There are some things that just can’t be unseen, and CupcakKe’s NSFW video for “Squidward Nose” is definitely one of them.

In the aquatic-themed video, comedian John Early plays a fisherman who tries to reel in the Chicago rapper—who stars as a mermaid—with a dildo as bait. But when she rebuffs his attempts, Early dives into the water only to find the rapper, as she puts it, “riding Squidward’s nose.” Literally.

“Fun fact: ‘Squidward Nose’ [was supposed] to [have] been called ‘Pinocchio Nose’ at first, but I did research on Pinocchio [and] he’s just a little boy,” CupcakKe revealed on Twitter. “So I had to change it ’cause I ain’t on no pedophile shit. So then I googled Squidward [and realized] he was 40 years old [and] I said, ‘Yeah, he can get it.’”


Watch the video for “Squidward Nose” below:

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