clipping. release new album, ‘Visions of Bodies Being Burned’

Stream the trio’s latest project here.

clipping. have returned with the album Visions of Bodies Being Burned, the follow-up to last year’s There Existed an Addiction to Blood.

The 16-track record features a number of collaborations, including Ho99o9 on “Looking Like Meat” and Cam & China on “’96 Neve Campbell.” Other guest artists include Greg Stuart, Jeff Parker, Ted Byrnes, Michael Esposito and more.

Speaking with Flood Magazine, rapper Daveed Diggs revealed that both Visions of Bodies Being Burned and There Existed an Addiction to Blood were actually recorded around the same time and were meant to be released just a few months apart.


However, due to touring, breaks and then the pandemic, the new album was delayed. “We just figured, ‘put it out for Halloween,’” Diggs said.

The rapper also revealed that the album takes inspiration from the 1992 horror classic Candyman, as well as the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. “Our politics are explicit without having to tell true stories—that’s what great horror stories do: decide what is monstrous and what requires saving,” he added.

Last December, the trio released the EP, The Deep. They also dropped the song “Chapter 319” earlier this year to mark Juneteenth.


Listen to Visions of Bodies Being Burned below:

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