clipping. drop “Aquacode Databreaks” featuring Shabazz Palaces

From a new 12-inch single out later this month.

clipping. have released “Aquacode Databreaks,” a new song featuring Shabazz Palaces. It appears on clipping.’s new 12-inch single The Deep, out later this month.

clipping.’s Daveed Diggs delivers infectious hooks on the track, but mostly cedes the spotlight to Shabazz Palaces’ Ishmael Butler for coolly whimsical bars studded with aquatic imagery and metaphor. “Pull up on my seahorse, blinged out with diamonds / Bumpin’ ghetto whale songs, heard for miles out / I whip up on my seahorse, blinged out with diamonds / My baby is a mermaid, mesmerizing, timeless,” Butler raps.

“Aquacode Databreaks” will appear on The Deep, due out November 29. clipping. originally wrote the single’s title track for a 2017 episode of This American Life about Afrofuturism. The song—which earned clipping. a nomination for a 2018 Hugo award—was based on mythology created by Detroit electronic group Drexciya, and tells a sci-fi story about the underwater descendants of African women thrown off slave ships.

This new track comes just weeks after the release of clipping.’s new album, There Existed an Addiction to Blood, which features tracks like “Blood of the Fang” and “All in Your Head.”


Dive into “Aquacode Databreaks” below:


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