City Girls hunt for sugar daddies in “Season” MV

“Spoiled li’l bitch, and you knew ’bout it.”

City Girls have just unveiled a stylish video for “Season,” a cut from their latest studio full-length, Girl Code, which dropped last Friday.

In the clip, JT and Yung Miami score themselves a sugar daddy who spoils them endlessly with designer clothes and accessories. “It’s that season / Where n***as cut a check for no reason (Where the money at?) / Time to blow a bag, time to blow a bag,” the girls rap. Elsewhere, the pair go on extravagant shopping sprees, cruise through Beverly Hills in a sleek limousine and make it rain on top of Lambo.

Halfway, Lil Baby interrupts to deliver a verse that responds to the ladies’ gold-digging habits. “All you post is Fashion Nova, all of a sudden, you want Gucci / Know I got a lot of money, you won’t play me like I’m stupid,” he spits. But his snarky remarks don’t bother the duo as JT icily hits back with, “Fuck n***a, don’t play with me. Pay up, or a bitch leavin’ (period).” ?


Watch the MV for “Season” below:

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