Chynna checks into a Super 8 motel in “iddd” video

“I don’t do drugs no more,” she declares.

Chynna overcomes substance abuse on her new song, “iddd,” which is short for “I Don’t Do Drugs.”

The track, which she teased back in December, is a dark and moody number that puts Chynna’s past addiction front and center. “I don’t do drugs no more,” she confidently announces over trembling basslines. And things are only looking up from now on for the rapper as she asks, “Time to see who really gettin’ money now, huh?”

This isn’t the first time the West Philly rapper has spoken about being a former addict. In various interviews published last year, Chynna openly talked about her time in rehab and hopes to shed light on addiction.


“The only thing I really feel comfortable with and think I know enough about to be some kind of voice for would be addiction,” she told Interview Magazine. “But I don’t want it to be some ‘anti-drug’ campaign, because that’s not how I feel. I can only preach what I practice and I’m not going to sit here and act like that.”

“iddd” was released alongside a LouieKnows-directed music video. In the clip, Chynna vibes out to the song solo in a Super 8 motel and sling rhymes in alleyways. Watch it below:

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