Chris Crack drops new project, ‘The Future Will Be Confusing’

The 18-minute album is his second offering this year.

Chris Crack dropped his 10-track project Crackheads Live Longer Than Vegans two weeks ago, and the Chicago rapper’s already back with something new: an 18-minute album titled The Future Will Be Confusing.

The project flows smoothly from the first track to the last, showcasing Crack’s lyrical range, while maintaining his usual balance between canny intelligence and blunt disregard. That’s not surprising for a project described as “Chris’ middle-finger-manifesto, aimed at individuals within the hip hop community who seem to have forgotten the rebellious, free-spirited foundation on which the culture was built.”

The Future Will Be Confusing was apparently written in less than a week. Its accompanying description also notes that “Chris and his engineer, Cutta, locked themselves into a rigorous 15+ hour studio session to get it all recorded, mixed, and sequenced in one day.”


Stream the album below:

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