Chris Brown, Joyner Lucas collab on new track

    "Stranger Things" features the pair taking turns to spit out rapid-fire verses, without (spoiler alert) a falsetto to be heard.

    Chris Brown Joyner Lucas
    Image: Scott Legato / Getty Images

    The Chris Brown and Joyner Lucas collab is on. A few weeks after Lucas teased the project on Twitter, the duo yesterday dropped “Stranger Things,” the first single off their upcoming album Angels & Demons. And it’s a proper dancefloor-ready banger.

    The track, produced by Jordon Manswell and Ye Ali, doesn’t take long to heat up. Over big trap beats and a loop cut from the theme song of the Netflix hit series, Brown and Lucas take turns spitting lines in rapid-fire. They may come from wildly different musical backgrounds, but the two make it sound as though they’ve been creating club-ready tracks together for years.

    Instead of flexing his vocal chops, Breezy delivers his incendiary lines with the flow of a seasoned rapper. His co-star isn’t one to take the back seat, either. When it’s Lucas’ turn on the bars, it’s all sound and fury: “It’s a matter of time ’fore I lose it / And strategize with the movement / Walk in the trap like a boss, ooh / Hoe, you know I’m dripping with the sauce, ooh.” Bonus points for that Lil Pump reference.

    Watch the video for “Stranger Things” here: