Charli XCX hops on Bladee and Mechatok’s melancholic track, “Drama”

The Drain Gang’s got Charli crying in Prada.

Charli XCX has added a powerful verse to a fresh version of “Drama,” the lead single off the collaborative album between Bladee and German producer Mechatok, Good Luck.

Charli injects her trademark charisma into her verses, replacing Bladee’s original sedated delivery and asserting herself over the song’s woozy beatwork. “Crying in Prada, in the Bahamas, stand up for drama, I / Get in your head, you’ll do what I said, I’m like your Madonna,” she sings.

Mechatok also previously worked with Bladee on the 2019 single “All I Want,” as well as Drain Gang at large with their 2019 album, Trash Island. Last year, Bladee also released his third album, 333, which included the track “Reality Surf.”


On the other hand, Charli XCX recently teamed up with The 1975 and No Rome on the glittering single, “Spinning.”

Listen to the XCX-injected version of “Drama” here:

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