Channel Tres taps JPEGMAFIA for “Black Moses”

The title track of his upcoming EP.

Channel Tres is back with a brand-new single, “Black Moses,” featuring JPEGMAFIA.

The song, which takes its title from the nickname of late musician Isaac Hayes, opens with a hypnotic chorus from the Compton-born rapper, who muses about his responsibility to his community. “It ain’t about me, ain’t about me / Gotta cook it up cause my n***as hungry / Throwin’ money in the air, can’t drop the ball / If I do, Black Moses on call,” he raps.

Peggy jumps in mid-way through the track, delivering a gritty verse over the atmospheric, bass-heavy beat: “Touch my body, call the infantry / Man, you been a hoe, I’m gonna guess since infancy / Only way you getting to me / Is if you push that fucking pistol into me.”


“When we were on the road tour with Vince Staples together, I was just seeing [JPEGMAFIA’s] live show. It was just bananas… I just wanted to do a song with him,” Channel Tres told Beat 1’s Zane Lowe. “I’m doing a different BPM on this song. I’m going a little bit darker. I thought it was perfect to have him on it. His verse is crazy.”

“Black Moses” is the title track of Channel Tres’ forthcoming EP, due out August 16 via Godmode. The rapper previously unveiled the singles “Sexy Black Timberlake” and “Brilliant N***a.”

Stream “Black Moses” here:


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