Chance the Rapper’s “I Love My Wife IGH” gets meme-worthy remix

He really loves his wife.

Last week, Chance the Rapper released his debut album The Big Day, and it’s filled with loved-up songs dedicated to his wife Kristen Corley. So it was only a matter of time before the internet trolled the rapper for his helpless, earnest devotion to his life partner.

“Let’s be real, Chance probably should’ve left this song off the album,” Twitter user charliewinsmore quipped when they shared a rather addictive 27-second audio clip that mashes Chano’s signature “igh” ad libs up with repetitive verses of “Ooh, I love my wife!” The clip has gained more than three million views and 17,000 retweets since its upload last Saturday. Check it out below.


But the roasting didn’t end there. Earlier this week, Twitter user nowherealex gave the original meme a soulful remix, adding a driving bass, gospel whistles and “some frilly piano stuff.”

And it seems like Chano caught wind of his fans poking fun at his new body of work, but doesn’t seem too cut up about it. In a tweet on Wednesday, the rapper reiterated that he really does love his wife. Igh!

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