Chance the Rapper makes his stand-up comedy debut

Meet Chance the Comedian.

You already know Chance the Rapper. Now, meet Chance the Comedian.

On Tuesday night, Chano took the stage at Chicago’s Laugh Factory to perform an impromptu stand-up comedy set. According to the rapper, he had been on a date with his wife at the venue when she cajoled him into getting up on stage.

“Had a great dinner at Maple and Ash and made it out to Laugh Factory and saw a few awesome comedians. After the [main] show, [Laugh Factory] had an open mic and my wife gassed me into doing three minutes,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.


“I had a li’l heckler try to cut into my jokes but I made it through and conquered a fear of mine. Moral of the story, getchu somebody that’s gone gas you, and then take them on dates (more often),” he added.

In the clips shared by TMZ, Chance managed to get a few laughs from the audience with his series of somewhat passable jokes, which included a bizarre story about farting on schoolchildren’s desks and how he discovered fake news. ? You can watch snippets of his performance below.


Things are more successful on the music front, at least: Chance is reportedly putting the finishing touches on his new album, which is due to arrive sometime in July, and last month he released a new song “Groceries,” featuring TisaKorean.

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