Chance the Rapper jumps on Tee Grizzley’s “Wake Up”

An inspirational cut for trying times.

Like many in the US right now, Tee Grizzley and Chance the Rapper have politics on their minds. That preoccupation comes through in this powerful new song, “Wake Up.”

A track off Grizzley’s forthcoming mixtape, Still My Moment, “Wake Up” is a rallying cry for the downtrodden. “Motivate the trenches / We got ’em woke / Street n***as winning / We give ’em hope,” goes the chorus, the insistent organ chords turning the song into an uplifting anthem.

On his verse, the Detroit rhymer raps about striving for personal improvement even in the most hopeless of circumstances: “Got n***as in prison / Your body locked up, don’t let your mind be / Daydream, make a plan, write it out / Don’t forget that your mind free.” Grizzley speaks from experience here—he wrote most of his debut mixtape while incarcerated two years ago.


Chano, known do-gooder and advocate in his home city of Chicago, drops in for a fiery guest verse. One memorable line: “Fuck a result, I want revolt!”

Listen to the song here:

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