Chance the Rapper had some dinosaur-related queries for Twitter

Have you ever wondered what was happening on Earth a million years ago?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an artist who doesn’t use Twitter to promote their work or connect with fans. But not all musicians let unvarnished non sequiturs fly on the social media platform, which is exactly what Chance the Rapper did a couple days ago when he wondered out loud about—wait for it—dinosaurs and the history of Earth.

It all began with a simple enough question:


After a deluge of answers saying “dinosaurs,” the Chicagoan jokingly voiced his skepticism of just how long dinosaurs and Mother Earth have existed:


Though publications like Rolling Stone have taken pains to fact-check the Coloring Book rapper’s speculation—“this joint,” aka Earth, is indeed billions of years old—it does seem that Chano was just blowing off steam with whimsical questions.

“I didn’t mean to offend you, I sometimes use the internet to ask questions,” he replied to a Twitter user concerned that Chance was potentially trafficking in anti-scientific views. “Pseudoscience ruuuules,” he joked. And, at the end of this Twitter episode, Chano remarked, “Damn, y’all ass so combative.”

Besides tweeting about Earth, Chano’s been busy getting involved with the Chicago mayoral race, and readying his next album, which he’s hinted will arrive in July. Maybe it’ll have a song about dinosaurs on it.

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