Censored version of YG’s “Meet the Flockers” put on streaming services

The 2014 album ‘My Krazy Life’ was briefly unavailable after renewed outcry about a lyric perceived to be racist towards Asians.

YG’s 2014 album My Krazy Life has returned to music streaming services after it was removed briefly on Monday—with a censored version of the song “Meet the Flockers.”

According to Genius, My Krazy Life was not available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube on April 5. The record’s removal from digital platforms came amid the growing controversy surrounding the album cut, “Meet the Flockers,” which has been criticized for promoting an anti-Asian message.

At the end of March, Bloomberg reported that several employees from YouTube had made an internal request to remove the song from the site—which the company did not accede to. In a statement, reps for YouTube said that it declined to “Meet the Flockers” in order to “avoid setting a precedent.”


“While we debated this decision at length amongst our policy experts, we made the difficult decision to leave the video up to enforce our policy consistently and avoid setting a precedent that may lead to us having to remove a lot of other music on YouTube,” they added.

But shortly after its removal from streaming services, Pitchfork reported that the album has reappeared, but with a new version of “Meet the Flockers” that censors the line “Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don’t believe in bank accounts.”.

The lyrics have faced criticism since 2016. An online petition calling the White House to ban the song received over 100,000 signatures that year, per BBC.


YG has yet to publicly comment on the controversy around “Meet the Flockers.”

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