Cardi B’s political rant is perfect with the “Bodak Yellow” beat

Even her thoughts on the American government shutdown are great banger material.

Last week, Cardi B took to Instagram to speak her mind on American politics, opining on the ongoing government shutdown and how federal workers are being called back to work without pay. It took off like wildfire—and even got a remix with the “Bodak Yellow” beat.

Last week, American comedy musical quartet The Gregory Brothers (who were also behind the 2010 viral hit, “Bed Intruder Song”) took snippets of Cardi’s social media speech, fitting them to the beat of her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow.” And unsurprisingly, Twitter loved it.


Though Cardi didn’t directly respond to The Gregory Brothers, she did leave a comment on an Instagram repost of the song: “And they say I don’t write my lyrics ????”

Hear the remix of Cardi B’s comments on the government shutdown below:

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