Cardi B wants to collaborate with Lizzo—without fan pressure

“I can’t even show love to people.”

Cardi B is keen on a collaboration with Lizzo—but is tired of her fans pressuring her to make one happen.

On Monday, Cardi showed love to Lizzo on Twitter by sharing a series of glamorous photos of the “Juice” singer with the caption, “These pics do it for me.” The tweet then prompted a flurry of online comments that demanded a collaboration between the stars.


“Now drop that collab with her,” one fan tweeted, to which Cardi responded, “Can I do a song first that I can put her on.” The rapper later asked fans to stop flooding her mentions with calls to collaborate whenever she mentions or praises an artist on social media.

“Stop pressuring me to do stuff,” Cardi tweeted. “I can’t even show love to people with 100 collab collab collab.”


Cardi is due to release the follow-up to her breakout debut, 2018’s Invasion of Privacy, sometime this year. Speaking to Mariah Carey for Interview Magazine, the rapper said that her new record is still “missing some songs.” “Everybody’s rushing me to put it out, but I don’t know if it’s the right time,” she admitted.

Cardi also revealed that her upcoming album will include another pop ballad like “Be Careful.” “I think it’s more personal,” she said of the new song. “People were saying, ‘You need to be softer. You need to talk more about yourself.’ And I was telling them that it’s really hard for me to do love records and express myself like that because I never do that. I don’t talk about love and shit.”

Cardi’s new album is expected to include the previously released “Up” and the Megan Thee Stallion-assisted hit, “WAP.”

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