Cardi B returns to Twitter to share snippet of new music

“After next week I’m going full album mode.”

After temporarily deactivating her Twitter account last week, Cardi B has returned to share a snippet of new music.

Last Friday, Cardi deleted her Twitter after she was pressured by fans to drop her new album, Rap-Up reported. However her hiatus was short-lived as the rapper returned to the social media platform the next day to reminisce about her 2018 debut album, Invasion of Privacy.


Later, Cardi shared a six-second preview of new music with the caption “Goodnight.” In the audio snippet, she raps over a sinister beat: “Ain’t no other bitch up here n***a / Let’s go / I need more money than promises.”

“After next week I’m going full album mode,” the rapper wrote in a follow-up tweet. “I was hungry around this time. Perfecting & writing my shit. I’m going to complete some business, do things for ‘UP’ then I’m out! But please, let’s stay on topic & not ask me about things when ya know I don’t like talkin bout my moves.”


Cardi had previously said that her new record is still “missing some songs.” “Everybody’s rushing me to put it out, but I don’t know if it’s the right time,” she had told Mariah Carey for the February issue of Interview Magazine.

The rapper has released several singles from the as-yet-untitled album so far, including “Up,” “WAP,” “Press” and “Money.”

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