Cam’ron calls Kanye “Uncle Tom” on new Dipset album

He’s pissed. Royally pissed.

Looks as though Cam’ron has something to say about Kanye West’s recent pro-Trump state of mind.

In Diplomatic Ties, the new album from The Diplomats, the Harlem rapper dedicated his verse on “Intro: Stay Down” to slinging mud at his former collaborator, calling him an “Uncle Tom n***a,” among other epithets.

Adding fuel to the fire, Cam’ron also brings up Ye’s middle-class upbringing, his bipolar disorder, and how he doesn’t speak for his whole community. It’s not the first time Cam’ron has laid into Ye, though—remember “Coleslaw”?


Check out Cam’ron’s verse here:

But I had to be firm and tell him
That Kanye only fuck wit’chu when no one else is fuckin’ with him (That’s a fid-act, fid-act)
He told me he was bipolar (What, n***a?)
I looked and said, “Bipolar?” (Come on, now)
Don’t be ridiculous, he wasn’t in the mix with us (Nope)
Bricks from Hamilton Terrace
He didn’t take the risk with us (Not at all)
Ain’t boil a coffee pot, ain’t open the barber shop
Where we sold hydro at, where we pissed off the cops (G-O-D)
The ones in the Taurus, n***a, he a tourist (Yup)
Uncle Tom n***a know nothin’ ’bout this chorus (Dipset, n***a)

Diplomatic Ties is Dipset’s third studio album and first in 14 years, after 2004’s Diplomatic Immunity 2.


Listen to “Intro: Stay Down”:

And stream the rest of the album below:

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