Buddy calls out cultural appropriation on “Black 2”

The sequel to his 2018 song, “Black,” featuring A$AP Ferg.

Buddy has released “Black 2,” a sequel to his 2018 song with A$AP Ferg.

On the song, Buddy addresses the appropriation of Black culture during a time of protests against police violence and systemic racism. The rapper calls out those who want to “rap on beats” and “be an athlete,” but don’t want to acknowledge the real issues facing the Black community.

“Grew up in the west bumpin’ Dogg Pound and Jigga / Everybody wanna be Black, don’t nobody wanna be a n***a,” Buddy sings on the chorus, before rapping: “Know you wanna be just like me, huh? / ’Til the police wanna lock me up.”


The cover art of “Black 2” pays homage to Malcolm X, as Buddy recreates the civil rights leader’s cover from Life magazine’s March 1964 issue. “Black 2” is the follow-up to Buddy’s 2019 song, “Hollyhood,” featuring Kent Jamz.

Listen to “Black 2” below:

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