Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract drops video for “Big Wheels”

A teaser for the boyband leader’s forthcoming album.

Kevin Abstract has dropped a trippy visual for a new track, “Big Wheels.”

In the self-directed clip, the Brockhampton leader is portrayed as a floating head rapping against the backdrop of an open field. He pours his heart out in a fast-paced verse before the track segues into an eccentric outro of jazzy horns and moody guitar licks. According to Genius, the track was produced by fellow Brockhampton member Romil Hemnani.

The track was released on Youtube under the title “THE 1-9-9-9 IS COMING,” but fans discovered its actual title by running it through the popular music app Shazam. The visual, which was posted in a slightly different form on Abstract’s Twitter page, also ends with the words “ARIZONA baby,” which fans speculate might very well be the title of an upcoming solo LP from Abstract. The Brockhampton leader had previously released an album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, in 2016.


Watch the video below while waiting for more details on the new Abstract release:

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