Brockhampton join NERD to perform “Lemon”

They went nuts dancing around to the song at Reading Festival.

At the Reading Festival this past weekend, Pharrell invited Brockhampton onstage during NERD’s set to perform “Lemon”—and it was an absolute treat.

The group assisted the NERD frontman on the rambunctious track, and boy did they deliver. Brockhampton went HAM as they danced around the stage in their colorful outfits, injecting that extra bit of glee into the performance. At the end of it, Pharrell gave a shout out to the boyband as he said: “Make some noise for our little brothers.” It’s always nice to see a bit of camaraderie among artists.

Brockhampton themselves had a dynamic set earlier that day, playing their latest singles and material from the group’s Saturation trilogy.


Watch NERD and Brockhamption’s performance here:

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