Brockhampton hint at new album with teaser clip

A new era is upon us.

It appears that Brockhampton have a new album on the way.

On March 11, the hip hop outfit shared a mysterious teaser clip on social media signalling a new Brockhampton era. Titled ‘Meet the Roadrunners,’ the 46-second video opens at a gas station where the Brockhampton members work at.

Halfway through the clip, the beat kicks in and collaborator SoGoneSoFlexy raps over a pounding beat: “Feels good to get this shit out the mud / N***a made it from hard times and still love for the slums, n***a.”


Brockhampton member and producer Romil Hemnani had previously teased their new album in a 2020 interview with ID Magazine that also hinted at a “Roadrunner” connection. “We’re always working on an album,” he said. “I can’t say much about it, but I can say that the initials of it are ‘RR.’ Maybe the fans will figure out what it is. I’m excited about it, it’s my favorite one yet.”

The group released their last album Ginger in 2019. It included the songs “Boy Bye,” “If You Pray Right” and the hit single “Sugar.”

Check out the teaser clip below:


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