Brockhampton drop two new songs, “MOB” and “Twisted”

They follow last week’s “NST” and “Things Can’t Stay the Same.”

Brockhampton have returned with two new songs, “MOB” and “Twisted.” They follow last week’s releases, “NST” and “Things Can’t Stay the Same,” which have since been removed from YouTube.

“MOB,” which stands for “Money Over Bitches,” opens with a introspective verse from Kevin Abstract, who raps over a sample of Bunny Sigler’s 1974 song, “Shake Your Booty.” He’s joined later by Matt Champion, Dom McLennon and Bearface.

“Twisted,” on the other hand, is a laid-back track that features vocals from frequent collaborators Ryan Beatty and Christian Alexander. The song also features a full rap verse from the group’s producer, Jabari Manwa: “Tryna drag my name in the dirt / There they go twistin’ my words / Tell ’em ’bout this, what he say, she say / Tell ’em, ‘I don’t give a fuck.’”

On May 8, during a secret livestream, Brockhampton revealed that the new singles will be followed by two albums later this year, according to Highsnobiety. Abstract also added that the group plan to release a new non-album singles every Friday.


Listen to their new songs below:




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