Brockhampton drop soul-stirring video for “San Marcos”

The visual for the track named after the Texan city is, confusingly, set in Australia.

Exuberant, poignant and life-affirming—three words you wouldn’t associate with Brockhampton, yet the hip hop group’s latest music video, for “San Marcos,” is precisely that.

Named after their Texan hometown, the track is off the band’s fourth LP, Iridescence, that only dropped just last week. It’s an anthem for disaffected youth, at once dejected and hopeful, and the visual reflects that emotional heft perfectly. Never mind that it was actually filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

Shot to appear as a single long take, the clip follows the band while they loaf around Melbourne’s streets, hitting up convenience stores and wearing moody expressions like it’s the worst day of their lives.


But then the tone switches up when the camera ventures down an alley, just in time for the track’s powerful choir passage. A gaggle of teenage Brockhampton fans then takes over, chanting the “I want more out of life than this!” refrain like a plea—or a prayer.

Check out the “San Marcos” clip here:

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