Boosie Badazz loses it on Instagram Live after only selling 300 albums

“If you didn’t get my album, could you please get off my Live right now?”

Boosie Badazz blasted fans on a recent Instagram Live after his recent album, Badazz 3.5, only sold 300 copies.

During the livestream last week, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper launched into a rant calling out his fake fans. “I only wanna see 300 people on here, the 300 people who done bought my shit,” he said. “If you ain’t own [Badazz 3.5], get your pussy ass off here.”

His viewers, however, ignored the rapper’s word, which got him a little heated. “Why are my numbers not going down? Why are y’all not getting off my fucking Live?” he asked.


Adding insult to injury, Badazz’s livestream numbers started increasing and that’s when he really blew his top and started yelling. He singled out commenters, grilling them about whether they bought the album, and granted permission to stay for those who said they did.

He even went as far as to bring God into the conversation: “It’s Sunday, don’t lie to God and stay on here like you got [my album], ’cause God knows if you ain’t got it. If you still on here and you ain’t got it, man, you sinning early this morning.”

Aside from his live breakdown and low album sales, Badazz is also facing some legal issues. The rapper was recently arrested on drug and gun charges during a routine traffic stop in Georgia. He’s currently out on bail.


Watch a recording of his Instagram Live tirade below:

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