Boldy James teases ‘Real Bad Boldy’ with “Thousand Pills”

“I am not a ‘seen it’ kind of guy. I am a ‘lived it’ type of guy.”

Boldy James joined forces with Stove God Cooks for “Thousand Pills.”

The rappers spit clever lines over a smooth beat on the track, which is the first offering from James’ upcoming album, Real Bad Boldy. The LP will be a joint project between the Detroit rapper and producer Real Bad Man.

“With Real Bad Boldy, I’m talking about my life before music; before I caught this second wave that I got right now. Things that I am into, this art of hustling,” James told Complex. “I didn’t really make it in this industry as a youngin’, I made it once I got a little older and I feel I’m in my prime now. I had a life before music and that’s what I rap about. I’ve lived enough life to where it writes the music for me.”


“I don’t have to recap, or reflect, back on it too hard because this is my real life,” the rapper added. “This isn’t me taking something I’ve seen, or been fascinated with and creating a fictional truth out of it, because I’ve seen it. I am not a ‘seen it’ kind of guy. I am a ‘lived it’ type of guy, and this is what it sounds like when you’ve really lived it.”

Real Bad Boldy will cap off a prolific year for James. His last record was The Versace Tape, his debut release for Griselda Records, following Manger on McNichols and album-length Alchemist collaboration The Price of Tea in China.

Real Bad Boldy, which will also include features from Mayhem Lauren, Eto, Mooch and Rigz, arrives December 11. While you wait, listen to “Thousand Pills” below:


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