Boldy James drops deluxe edition of ‘The Price of Tea in China’

An expanded version of his joint project with The Alchemist.

Boldy James has released the deluxe edition of The Price of Tea in China, his latest joint project with producer The Alchemist.

The expanded version adds four brand-new tracks, including collaborations with Elcamino (on “Don Flamingo”) plus The Cool Kids and Shorty K (“Pots and Pans”). The deluxe album was accompanied by a visual for the chilling new song, “Bernadines.”

In the hazy clip, James raps introspective bars in a grimy alleyway while the Alchemist hangs back, smoking up in a white car. “Murder is a tough thing to digest / 30 with the green beam, thuggin’ in the projects / Learned to keep them killings clean, had to cover my steps,” he spits.

The Price of Tea in China originally arrived in February and included the tracks “Grey October,” the Vince Staples-assisted “Surf & Turf” and “SNORT” featuring Freddie Gibbs. The record also included guest appearances from Benny the Butcher and Evidence.


Stream the deluxe edition of The Price of Tea in China below:


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