Bohan Phoenix gets real on “YMF”

That stands for “Young Mother Fucker.”

Bohan Phoenix’s released a new track, “YMF,” and he’s not holding back.

The New York-based rhymer swaggers across a slow, mutating beat courtesy of WY Huang, reflecting—as he has for much of his career—on his unlikely come-up in hip hop. “He wanna rap, motherfucker? Oh, so you tryna be black, motherfucker? Don’t make me laugh, stick to math, motherfucker / Before I whup that ass, motherfucker,” he raps, imitating a disapproving parental figure passing judgment on his decision to be a rapper.

Besides deliberating on his own biography, Bohan also turns his gaze outward towards the wider hip hop sphere. “If I was more ig’nant, you’d probably hear me say,” he raps, leaving a significant pause, before continuing, “Maybe I’ll just change my name to ‘Chigga.’”


That’s a not-so-subtle shot at Indonesian rapper and 88rising star Rich Brian, who changed his moniker from “Rich Chigga” earlier this year. No wonder Bohan said “this one is going to piss some people off.” Hear the full song below:

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