Blueface’s new “Stop Cappin” video is uncommonly self-aware

He catches a hater slipping—literally.

Blueface has just dropped a video for “Stop Cappin” that will grab your attention with its uncommonly self-aware opening.

The clip, which was directed by Aaron Green, opens with haters criticizing Blueface, who’s dressed up as a janitor with his handy mop and bucket, from the comfort of their fancy cars. “That shit all hot air, bruh. He ain’t even cripping, no one seen that boy,” one says. “Offbeat rapping ass shit, man. That shit trash, man.”

But when Blueface sees that these men have seemed to have left their cars unattended, he seizes his opportunity—even leaving one hater to slip on the wet floor he’s just finished mopping.


The rest of the video follows the California rapper in his new ride, cruising down tunnels with Birdman, the boss of Blueface’s label Cash Money Records. He also mobs out in a warehouse with his friends, sporting a personalized bulletproof vest instead of his janitorial uniform, swishing what looks like blood around with his mop. “Stop cappin!” Blueface exclaims. “I’m really popping / How can I slip if I’m the one doing the mopping?”

Watch it here:


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