Blueface hits the streets in “Bleed it” video

The LA rapper recruited Cole Bennett to direct.

If the new “Bleed it” visual is anything to go by, Blueface is keeping his promise to become the next big thing.

The Cole Bennett-directed MV finds Blueface kicking it with his crew on the streets, spitting braggadocious bars about firearms: “Fuck a handgun, bitch, I brought a MAC in / Gotta keep a technical in case a n***a hackin’ / Glock with a dick on my lap, I’m in traffic / My pistol bloated, ready to unload it.”

Aside from his gun-touting ways and crip pride, Blueface also spends a puzzling amount of time in the video mopping up his front porch.


Watch the video for “Bleed it” below:

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