Blu & Exile announce new album with “Miles Davis”

‘Miles: From an Interlude Called Life’ is out in July.

Blu & Exile have announced their next album with the single “Miles Davis.”

The new song might be named for a titan of jazz, but it’s not solely a tribute to the iconic trumpeter. Over Exile’s piano samples and scratching, wordsmith Blu surveys the journey they’ve taken so far, calling out fakes and the washed-up. “I invent too many patterns to pattern your path after,” he raps, “Tell them rappers that we got it mastered.”

“Miles Davis” is the lead single from Miles: From an Interlude Called Life, which is the follow-up to their 2019 EP True & Livin’. The new album will arrive on July 17—smack dab on the 13th anniversary of the duo’s 2007 classic, Below the Heavens. The new Blu & Exile record is a double album, and will feature Miguel, Aloe Blacc, Aceyalone and more.

Stream “Miles Davis” here:



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