Bladee goes to video game heaven in “Reality Surf” MV

Taken off his new album, ‘333.’

Bladee has shared a new visual for “Reality Surf,” from his 333 album released last month.

Co-directed by the Swedish rapper and animated by Nam Mac, the fantastical clip resembles a retro Animal Crossing. A video game-version of Bladee strolls through the forest and gets swept up by a massive jester-like creature, who, in the end, actually takes him to digital paradise.

Bladee is well-known for challenging his fans on both the sonic and visual fronts. “We created the whole universe and locked down the style, and now everything comes easy. I still want to experiment, though. I try not to get too comfortable,” the 26-year-old told the FADER in a rare interview last year. “I’m blessed to be able to do a completely different style and have people still know that it’s Bladee.”

333 marks Bladee’s second album of the year. The 16-track effort followed Exeter, which had two guest appearances from Ecco2k.


Watch the surreal video for “Reality Surf” below:


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