Black Eyed Peas reveal “Back 2 Hip Hop” MV with Nas

Nas transforms into an Egyptian pharaoh.

Black Eyed Peas have shared a sci-fi-inspired visual for “Back 2 Hip Hop,” the opening track on their latest album, Masters of the Sun Vol 1.

In the clip, director Pasha Shapiro brings to life a futuristic version of Egypt that’s set in outer space: The city of Giza becomes a planet of its own and pyramids are turned into psychedelic space shuttles. Nas, on the other hand, plays the king the land worships

Elsewhere, the BEP trio rock furry berets, gold chains and matching tracksuits while cruising through the desert in a classic Mustang. “I’m the emperor, I’m Caesar / Can somebody tell me where the MCs are?” Will.I.Am spits over the old-school beat.


Watch the video below:

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