Big Shaq returns with another grime banger, “Man Don’t Dance”

The viral star behind “Man’s Not Hot” doesn’t do the one, two step either.

If you haven’t heard of Michael Dapaah, then you’ve probably heard of his alter ego, Big Shaq. The comedian/rapper is the lyrical genius behind one of 2017’s biggest meme on the Internet, “Man’s Not Hot.” Y’know, the song that goes “skrrrah, pap, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka.”

And he’s returned this year with the follow-up to his viral sensation.

“Man Don’t Dance” essentially carries the similar flair and beat as its predecessor. It’s another instant earworm. Shaq peppers the song with his trademark humor, dropping quick math and, of course, mimicking the sound of gunshots—the line that launched his previous single into a mega-hit.


We’re calling it, “Man Don’t Dance” is going to be the dance floor’s favorite anthem for the rest of 2018.

Listen to the song in full below:

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