Big Sean opens up about mental health struggles of making ‘Detroit 2’

“I didn’t realize how important it was to embrace the ups and downs of life.”

Big Sean has opened up about the struggles he faced while making his new album Detroit 2.

On Monday night, the Detroit rapper took to Twitter to discuss mental health struggles, saying that he is now learning to “embrace the ups and downs of life.” “I don’t feel like this currently, but I had never gone through wanting to kill myself, give up on my life until the past few years,” he wrote, adding that he is currently actively taking steps to “better” himself.

“I thought doing what I loved would always make me happy and satisfied, so when I got tired of it, I was confused and it drove me insane,” Sean continued. “Later I realized I was just growing and had to gain a new mentality and foundation on many levels and rediscover my passion!”


The rapper then advised others who were also struggling with mental health to “hold on to your faith.” “You may discover more passions if it’s meant to be as well,” he said.

Sean also added that stress caused the delay of Detroit 2 because he had feared people would no longer want to listen to his music as he was taking too long to finish the album. However, the rapper eventually accepted that he needed to work at his own pace. “That’s one of the hardest things to do as an artist was [to] be on my time, and not the time everyone kept telling me is right for me. I had to learn MY timing isn’t everyone else’s timing n that’s fine,” he wrote.

The rapper later thanked his supportive fans for inspiring him to speak out about his own mental health struggles. “I feel a sense of community in music and less competition and that feels amazing! So thank you!” Sean wrote.


Big Sean dropped his star-studded album Detroit 2 last Friday, and shortly followed it up with a visual for the Travis Scott collab “Lithuania.” His new record also featured guest appearances from Jhené Aiko, Post Malone, Young Thug, Diddy and more.

Read all of Big Sean’s tweets below:

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