Big KRIT surprises with new EP, ‘THRICE X’

Three new tracks from Young Krizzle.

Big KRIT has kept things on the down-low since the release of his 2017 double album, 4eva is a Mighty Long Time. But last Friday, the Mississippi rapper broke his silence with a new EP, THRICE X.

The three-track release clocks in at just a li’l over eight minutes, making it one of the briefest KRIT projects to date. But even in the short runtime, the EP nevertheless packs a strong dose of gospel rap. It opens with the moody “Higher (King Pt 6),” which finds the rapper in search of a god (“Forgive me for my speech / I ain’t prayed in weeks”), and closes off with KRIT counting his blessings on the Supah Mario-produced track “Look What I Got.”

There’s no word yet if THRICE X is set to be a standalone or a lead-up to a lengthier project, but hey, at least we’ve now got new Big KRIT music to enjoy. Listen to it below:

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