Bhad Bhabie, Lil Yachty turn the suburbs inside-out in new visual

The video for “Gucci Flip Flops” also features an inexplicable David Spade cameo.

If you’re old enough to remember the 1998 dystopian flick Pleasantville, you’ll find the video for Bhad Bhabie’s “Gucci Flip Flops” creepily familiar.

Dropped yesterday, the clip depicts a ’50s-era suburb in black-and-white. The “Cash Me Outside” viral star plays the good daughter of an American Nuclear Family™—until the TV flickers on. Images of the young rapper and Lil Yachty flash on the screen in full color, which starts seeping into the idyllic world, just like in Pleasantville. And then the happy family is revealed to be what it actually is: dysfunctional, angst-ridden, real.

And mid-way through the clip, David Spade comes out of nowhere. He’s a milkman knocking on Bhabie’s door, who then finds himself on the receiving end of an expletive-filled rant. It’s random and it’s nonsensical, but it’ll raise a chuckle out of you.


“Gucci Flip Flops,” which takes its name from the hook on Future’s “Thought it was a Drought,” was released in March. Check out the new clip here:

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