Bad Bunny drops gorgeous, gender-bending “Caro” video

The trapero continues his streak of memorable visuals.

With his acclaimed debut album X 100PRE, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny proved himself the Latin trap artist to keep watch on. Now, he’s dropped a mesmerizing video for “Caro” that also doubles as a middle finger to his haters.

The clip opens with an insouciant, bathrobe-clad Bunny getting a manicure, which is a direct rejoinder to haters who jeer the rapper for his painted nails, and also a reference to an incident last year where he was denied service at a nail salon for being a man. The camera cuts away from his face, and when it returns, Bunny’s been replaced by a female double, whose hair is shaved in the same style. She dons the bright colors and prints that Bunny favors, and rides off to meet her friends.

Striking scenes follow: Non-mainstream models, including a drag queen, plus-sized women and a person with a developmental disability, strut down a dreamy runway, and a crowd runs joyfully past Bunny, silhouetted by a blinding sunset. The only thing that would’ve make this video more memorable is a cameo from Ricky Martin, who provides haunting vocals in the song’s melodic interlude, but there’s still plenty to take in without him.


Watch the clip here:

And after you’re done, watch his statement-making video for “Solo De Mi.”

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